For over six decades, Dr. Bob has been running spiritual support meetings at churches, spiritual organizations, jails, psychiatric centers, not-for-profits, homeless shelters and more. You name it, he’s been there, sharing the message of God’s love and healing! 

In addition to these meetings, Dr. Bob inevidibly reached the sound waves launching Spiritual Healing Radio in 2007.  His goal was to bring to its listeners the insights of today's personal issues we all struggle with and more importantly, the tools to heal that frail psychology of the human mind to awaken to a new life filled with happiness and peace.

Hosting the show, Dr. Bob was often joined by Reverend Bill Johnston and Kim Taronji as well as many other notable guests as they traversed their way through the issues we all face and the absolute answers to solve them.  The show was a journey of discovery, taking their listeners to higher levels of understanding the complexity of our human minds, how it interferes with our spirit self and what tools are necessary to ultimately live in peace and joy.  The show continued to broadcast through 2015 with it great insights.

Luckily, we have those archived shows for you to enjoy today.  Click on the link below to access the archived shows of, Spiritual Healing Radio which was originally broadcasted out of New York at the WTBQ Radio Station serving the communities of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and parts of Connecticut as well as globally via the internet.  Enjoy the shows!