Christian Laity Foundation was created to support the teaching of a skilled prayer and meditative life leading to one's healing which is required to possess peace of mind, fullness of spirit, and wellness of being.  Dr. Robert Weltman, Founder of the foundation has collected information and has presented it to you, the viewer in many formats for your healing journey.  His archived radio shows, "Spiritual Healing Radio" can be accessed on the Media tab above as well as his YouTube channel, "Healing Aspirations", a series of videos that walk the viewer through what troubles our human mind and the answers and gentle guidance required to correct it and get healed.  Him Social Media outlets on Facebook and Twitter can be reached from the tabs at the bottom of the page.  These always have new content, videos and topics from Dr. Bob's inventory and finally, this website serves as the "one-stop-shop" for everything Dr. Bob and Christian Laity Foundation.  All outlets (social media, radio shows, YouTube Channel, documents, Footladder of Notes Divine and more can be found here at Dr. Bob Central.

For with God, nothing will be impossible.

(Luke 1:37 - New King James Version)


Below are our participating members of the Christian Laity Foundation and are available to offer support and guidance for those of you needing it.  Feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Dr. Robert Weltman

    Dr. Robert Weltman, or as he is affectionately known as, “Dr. Bob” is a clinical psychologist, who received his PhD from Yeshiva University in 1964. Working in his industry with New York State Department of Mental Health, owning his own private practice, and as Director of Counseling for a college, Dr. Bob went on to become the head of Psychology for a New York State Forensic Psychiatric Center for the mentally ill who commit serious criminal acts. He retired in 1994.

    As part of his professional career he also helped children and adults with neurological and developmental problems by creating techniques for treatment and diagnosis coordinated with a neurosurgeon and optometrist. This experience helped him to recognize the value of utilizing multiple methodologies in helping mentally challenged people reach their full potential and promote healing.

    As part of his personal searching for more effective treatment methods for the troubled human mind, Dr. Bob turned to the role of spirituality in healing. This led him to explore his own spirituality and initiate a journey down a path of personal learning and warm interaction with different members of the clergy. Through deep meditation and prayer, Dr. Bob had experiences which made him profoundly aware of his true spiritual nature and the spirit dimension to which we all belong.

    Although he was raised and educated in the Jewish tradition, Dr. Bob’s personal journey led him to be additionally baptized as a Christian in 1986, fusing it with his Judaism. He was led deeper into his fused spiritual path, and experienced first-hand the presence of God from both traditions in his daily meditation and prayers. As part of his daily meditations, he would now receive from God the healing curriculum named, “Footladder of Notes Divine”. These dictations began in 1998 and continue to the present day.

    Dr. Bob’s life experiences have shown him that the path to personal healing is through the realization of the spiritual nature we all share and our soul’s ultimate goal of returning home to God. Because of this, Dr. Bob was divinely led to establish the Christian Laity Foundation; an organization dedicated to the healing of relationships amongst God’s followers from diverse denominations and traditions by concentrating on recovering the core beliefs of our true divine nature and its’ path to attainment of life eternal in the presence of God.

  • Reverend William Johnson

    Reverend William Johnston was born in the state of Iowa. He went on to spend his childhood in Missouri and adolescent and college years in Nebraska. For graduate school, he traveled to New Jersey and graduated with a Master of Divinity.

    As part of his professional career, he joined the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church where he served two churches before moving into Public Education.

    As a faculty member, he taught Social Studies in Washingtonville Central School District in New York for thirty-three years. During his teaching tenure, he became involved in the Teacher’s Association and served as Treasurer and later as President. He retired in 2003.

    Upon retirement, a severe winter changed his plans to continue living in upstate New York. He found a house he admired in Oxford, North Carolina and off he went. A slip of the tongue that he was a Minster, as well as a teacher in his professional career, led him to being asked to fill pulpits on an emergency and substitute basis.

    In 2012, he was asked to become the formal Pastor in Bullock, North Carolina where he’s been serving ever since. In addition to serving as Pastor of the church, Reverend Johnston still researches History and occasionally plays with his metal detector.

    He became acquainted with Dr. Robert Weltman at a spiritual meeting being hosted by Dr. Jon Mundy’s organization in Washingtonville, New York and was intrigued by Dr. Bob’s discussion. Through this, a friendship formed and Reverend Johnston became a member of the Christian Laity Foundation early 2000. He actively Co-hosts the radio show, “Spiritual Healing Radio” with Dr. Bob which is broadcast out of New York as well as serves as a Member of the Board of Directors.

  • Sandra Moneymaker

    Sandra Moneymaker was born in Elmira, New York and attended public schools graduating with honors. She went on to continue her education at Elmira College as well as Drew Theological School. She worked as a Director of Religious Education in New Jersey where she went on to meet her husband Tom at Drew Theological School and married in 1967. Tom was called to be Priest-In-Charge at St. Andrews Church located in Beacon, NY; so off they went where they both worked until his passing in 1998.

    Encompassing Sandy’s professional career, she’s worked as a Social Worker for the County, a Social Worker for a Day Care Center, a Florist and finally completing her career as a Second Grade Teacher.

    Sandy has been an active member of the Christian Laity Foundation since 1999 where she continues to grow in her faith thanks in part to the instruction and prodding of Dr. Bob.

  • Kim Taronji

    Kim Taronji has worked in the Telecommunications industry as well as consulting in several media outlets including radio and publishing.  As a native New Yorker, she graduated from Krissler Business Institute and went on to work for several fortune 100 companies.  She became very involved with he Vineyard Christian Fellowships in New York and worked with the Pastor and elders in several ministries.  She was a vocalist on the worship team and was fortunate enough to travel to Israel on a holy pilgrimage.  During this visit to the holy land, she experienced many truths and visions about the Father and Jesus.

    After marrying her husband Enzo in 1995 and gaining two amazing step children, Brandon and Danielle, they moved to upstate New York to build their dream horse ranch, "Monte Cristo Ranch", There, they raised their children, Brandon and Danielle, two dogs, Quigley and Kalon, three horses, Eagle, Jazzy and Maggie and the multitude of chickens and guinea hens to round the family off.

    It was a trip to the printers store one day where she met Dr. Bob and they began a life long friendship and partnership working in support of the Christian Laity Foundation and its healing curriculum.  It is with great pride and gratitude she gets to learn and grow from one of the greatest mentor, teacher and healer this world has to offer!