Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was such a powerful influence to Her son and the people of those times. She single-handedly got Jesus started in his ministry. She supported him throughout his life as his mother, nurturer and follower to his calling all the way to his crucifixion and burial. Can you imagine her anguish as she stood watching them crucify her son, helpless to do nothing to ease his pain and suffering? Who was this astonishing woman whom God picked as the Mother of His son? Do we give her credit for the part She played in saving this world? Who is she to us now? How does God see her? Is she a healer of this world? Is she divine? Is She Mother God? All these questions and more are answered in this treasured document entitled, “Mary: Mother God”. Throughout the years, Dr. Bob has been receiving messages regarding people with Down’s Syndrome, Autism, the human condition and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Messages regarding Mary and the role She plays with these very special people as well as the world is astounding.

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