In the Footladder of Notes Divine, a series of messages dictated by the unconditionally loving God of Christianity, commissioned Dr. Weltman to found the Christian Laity Foundation. Its work is to assist God in the divine plan of personal healing, salvation and reconciliation. Through this, supporters can act in concert with each other to help God bring the world into the Kingdom as well as bring the Kingdom into the world.

The Problems Delaying the Kingdom

  1. In the Commissionings found in the Footladder of Notes Divine, Jesus states, “The savage base of the human spirit” must be resolved. Potential healers are not receiving the adequate and necessary support to accomplish this.
  2. Christ states that Christian factions are, “warring amongst each other.” The “horrors ensuing in clash of traditions are unbefitting to style of Christian Laity.”
  3. Jesus states His churches are, “Flagellating truth’s emerge” and “Stultifying growth of harmony required to carry out My word.”

Christ’s Solutions

  1. Jesus orders the creation of the Christian Laity Foundation. The Foundation is to provide skilled support to His followers in personal “caregiving” skills to counter “savagery” of the human mind.
  2. The human mind is countered in followers by recovery of their divine mind. This reveals their true specie as God’s children existing in the reality of the “posterity of eternal life.” Through the recovery of that identity in now fearless followers, God is able to administer His plan for “salvation of the world.”
  3. The “multitude of laity” from His many traditions now provide the “concert of effort required to regain status of kingdom in earthly enterprises.” Christ concludes with this reassurance: – “Foreordained thy success in resolution of problems impending.”

We Have Acted Upon Christ’s Solutions

Following the instruction of Jesus, the Christian Laity Foundation has been established. Its participants are composed of followers from diverse Christian denominations, as well as by people of other traditions who would also worship a God of unconditional love who they may simply call by another name. The Foundation’s work of supportive discussions, prayer and meditation are submitted to the direction of the Holy Spirit for It’s ultimate direction.

"The Spirit gives life: the flesh counts for nothing.  The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life."  

(John 6:63 - The Bible, New International Version)