Excerpts from the Footladder of Notes Divine

Dr. Robert Weltman has finally compiled a series of versus from the, "Footladder of Notes Divine", and will be presenting them in a 365-Day Devotional affectionately called, "God's Devotional - Excerpts from the Footladder of Notes Divine".  These messages designed for morning and evening prayer are organized in a sequential curriculum supporting ones prayer life, directed at opening them to the reception and service of the Holy Spirit. 

A number of the verses are phrased in such a way that Dr. Weltman appears to have composed them. Not so. They were received in the same manner as the ones in which God is obviously the Author. What has happened is that God has touched the divine portion of the soul-mind which is then stirred and raptured. It is that expression which then surfaced into conscious awareness. 

Be assured that God guides us in the grasp of His verses' meanings. Be content at such times to simply read them and then leave the rest to God’s intention with you. He can’t miss. He knows what He is doing with us and how He is influencing our reception of them. 

God's Devotional is currently at our publishers being produced and will be made available to the public in 2017.