Dr. Robert Weltman, or as he is affectionately known as, "Dr. Bob" is a clinical psychologist, who received his PhD from Yeshiva University in 1964. Working in his industry with New York State Department of Mental Health, owning his own private practice, and as Director of Counseling for a college, Dr. Bob went on to become the head of Psychology for a New York State Forensic Psychiatric Center for the mentally ill who commit serious criminal acts. He retired in 1994. 

As part of his professional career, he also helped children and adults with neurological and developmental problems by creating techniques for treatment and diagnosis coordinated with a neurosurgeon and optometrist. This experience helped him to recognize the value of utilizing multiple methodologies in helping mentally challenged people reach their full potential and promote healing. 

As part of his personal searching for more effective treatment methods for the troubled human mind, Dr. Bob turned to the role of spirituality in healing. This led him to explore his own spirituality and initiate a journey down a path of personal learning and warm interaction with different members of the clergy. Through deep meditation and prayer, Dr. Bob had experiences which made him profoundly aware of his true spiritual nature and the spirit dimension to which we all belong. 

Although he was raised and educated in the Jewish tradition, Dr. Bob’s personal journey led him to be additionally baptized as a Christian in 1986, fusing it with his Judaism. He was led deeper into his fused spiritual path and experienced first-hand the presence of God from both traditions in his daily meditation and prayers. As part of his daily meditations, he would now receive from God the healing curriculum named, “The Footladder of Notes Divine”. These dictations began in 1998 and continue to the present day. 

Dr. Bob's life experiences have shown him that the path to personal healing is through the realization of the spiritual nature we all share and our soul’s ultimate goal of returning home to God. Because of this, Dr. Bob was divinely led to establish the Christian Laity Foundation; an organization dedicated to the healing of relationships amongst God’s followers from diverse denominations and traditions, by concentrating on recovering the core beliefs of our true divine nature and its’ path to attainment of life eternal in the presence of God. 

As part of his expanding outreach, he has written two books.  The first called, "The Will of God:  Bringing My Children Home" and "God's Devotional - Excepts  from the Footladder of Notes Divine".  He also hosted a live radio show called, “Spiritual Healing Radio”, which was broadcasted on WTBQ - New York.  You can listen to his archived shows on this website (Media Tab at the top of the page).  Finally, he established a one-on-one healing curriculum in which he utilizes short videos to create series on diverse topics to discuss the savage nature of the human mind, it's worries and struggles and how to overcome it through God's healing which is available to all of us.  This healing curriculum is called, “Healing Aspirations” and can be found on this website (YouTube icon at the bottom of the page) or can be visited directly on YouTube's "Healing Aspirations Channel". 

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There be but one truth.

Ye are gods and ye are loved.

(Footladder of Notes Divine, 7/11/12)